Be advised that there are bogus companies claiming to be affiliated with SmartChoice Timeshare Resales, and using our name and good reputation to take money from unsuspecting timeshare owners.  Some even have fake "legal service" companies and fake buyers as part of the scheme.

Do NOT trust anyone saying they have sold your timeshare or have a buyer for your timeshare without first reading our Scam Alert
 or contacting Judy Rulli or Peggy Holmes at
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  Please also note that we are NOT affiliated in any way with
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Realty Concepts Unlimited, Inc., located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a resort management consulting service established in 1990 out of a commitment to maintaining property values and enhancing owner enjoyment at all types of time share properties.

By representing time share resorts accurately and educating owners on how to maximize their benefits and reduce their risks, we believe we make a significant contribution to the positive direction the industry is taking. Time share ownership will reach record levels of success over the next twenty years as the extraordinary shift of wealth from aging parents to active, healthy “baby boomers”, creates an unprecedented demand for luxury, vacation accommodations accompanied by uncompromising expectations of exceptional guest services and deluxe resort amenities.

The services we offer allow existing resorts to increase their potential for long-term stability. Resorts in development also benefit when strategic planning proactively addresses issues and potential needs beyond the sales process and through transition to association control.

Our services are custom-tailored to your specific situation. You pay only for the assistance you need with no long-term contracts and no conflicting interests.

Our most popular services include:

Time Share Smart Seminars for Owners
We will conduct customized seminars on or off site. The Time Share 101 program is an excellent one to offer in conjunction with an annual meeting or during periods of peak owner occupancy. Getting the Most from your RCI Membership is a great sales reinforcement opportunity and an excellent marketing tool.

Interim Management and Consulting Services

For Resorts and/or Boards seeking:        

To change management companies or obtain an independent evaluation of their present management company or practices;

To convert to self-management or ease the transition from developer control;

Temporary or limited financial or accounting services including assessment billing and collection, financial statement preparation, and board-member education;

Revenue-generating programs to offset assessments and increase owner benefits.

Resale Services Consulting

We’ll help you assess the feasibility of offering a resale service on site and evaluate your resort’s options related to licensing your association or using an independent broker. We can develop a successful program for you and provide the training and support needed to provide your owners a resale option that enhances property values, improves owner satisfaction, and adds to the stability of your association.



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